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Welcome to Printing Planet UK. DTG (Direct to Garment) Business cards SAME DAY SERVICE!!! Come and get your order printed while you wait! We are a London based t-shirt printers with many years of experience in producing quality DTG T-shirts, promotional goods, banners, business cards and more. We have the latest technology on t-shirt printing, and as you may have guessed from the name of our website, we print everything!!!. So whether you are an individual wanting a single t-shirt designed for a friend's birthday, a few business cards or flyers, a number of t-shirts for a hen party or that your company wants 500 printed for a big event we can supply you... -Business cards start from £9.99 -Tshirts start from £7.00 -give us a call or contact us via email with your quote Watch our video on youtube and like us!!

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Printing Planet UK Unit 35B Ingate Place, Greater London


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Welcome to Printing Planet UK. DTG (...